Do You Need an Extended Warranty on a Hybrid Vehicle?

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If you are buying a hybrid car or are about to buy one, sooner or later you are going to be asked by the dealer if you want to buy an extended car warranty to go with the vehicle.  But the answer to that question really depends on the level of risk you are willing to take.

Hybrid Cars and Warranties

Hybrid cars have more complex components than standard vehicles, and for this reason many car manufacturers have had to bump up the period of protection for the batteries that help to power the vehicles.

On most hybrid vehicles the manufacturer’s warranty covers all of the hybrid components for the first 100,000 miles, but in California there are stricter emission laws that extend those warranties for 150,000 miles.

When a Warranty Runs Out

There is no sense in buying an extended warranty if your car is already protected by the manufacturer warranty.  But as soon as that warranty expires and something breaks down on your car you will have to pay for those expenses out of pocket.

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An extended warranty is definitely not for everyone, and as most hybrid cars made recently are much more reliable than the first hybrids to be made 10 years ago, it’s not essential that you own one.  In fact, the car dealership will probably make it sound like you HAVE to have an extended warranty from them.    But if you really feel the need for a warranty you should tell the dealer that you want to shop around and compare prices first.

The Risk of a Warranty

By purchasing an extended warranty you are betting on something breaking down on the car.  So if nothing happens in the time frame of the warranty you will have essentially wasted your money.

However, if you would rather have the peace of mind of knowing that if anything did break down on your hybrid you would not have to pay anything for it, then some warranty coverage may help put you at ease.

Manufacturer Warranties

If you are going to be buying a brand new hybrid vehicle like the Prius for instance, you should know that the manufacturer’s warranty already covers the car for the first 36,000 miles or 3 years.  But beyond that the powertrain warranty that covers the engine and drive components extends for another 60,000 miles or 5 years.

After weighing all of your options, if you are still intent on getting extended warranty protection on your vehicle you should know that there are quite a few companies that offer excellent reliability.  Dealerships will make it sound like they are the only ones that can protect your car, but the problem is that if something does break down on your car you will have to take it back to that same dealer to get it repaired.

Finding the Right Company

A good warranty company will pay for any protected parts on your car if they fail and you will be able to take your car to any licensed shop in the nation.  Also, never get your warranty through a company that promises to reimburse you.  The good companies will pay the shop directly so you don’t ever have to pay any money out of pocket.

So the decision to get a warranty on your hybrid car really depends on both your financial situation and your willingness to take risks.  It might seem like a risk to not buy a warranty if something expensive does fail, but it’s just as much a risk to spend the money on a warranty that you will never be able to use.  For this I recommend warranty coverage that offers refund insurance that will pay you back some of the money if you never have to use it.

You can find more information on car warranties at where there are reviews on some of the best companies online.

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2 Responses to “Do You Need an Extended Warranty on a Hybrid Vehicle?”

  1. [email protected] Servicing Spelthorne says:

    November 21st, 2012 at 10:56 am

    I believe it’s even worse when someone’s car breaks down and they completely forget about the manufacturer warranty and pay ridiculous amount of money to get their vehicle repaired by a car garage. In some cases, they would have been better off buying a new car….

  2. Mick [email protected] Hogan says:

    April 19th, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Thanks for a nice explanation. I’m about to buy a new hybrid car and I would have been definitely confused of car seller asked me that question you mentioned here. I enjoyed reading through and will definitely going to follow to choose extended warranty period for my car. 🙂